(The vacancy is temporarily closed as we have identified suitable candidates to fill the position.)

Are you a savvy coder and solve problems in an elegant way? Do you know how to share your knowledge so that people learn from you? Are you up for diverse projects ranging from artificial intelligence to insightful data tools for big companies? Become a Senior Developer at Code Orange - one of Amsterdam's fastest growing software development studio's!

"Our passion is to implementing the newest technologies out there. By experimenting and creating, we hope to contribute to innovation"

Code Orange is a software studio with a software engineering team that always aims for the highest possible quality. We stand for flexibility in our workflow and we therefore enable you to work any hour of the day, at the office (5 min. away from Amsterdam Amstel) or outside the office. In the beginning we offer you proper personal guidance and help you get through any startup problems. You will be working together with 15 other developers coming from different backgrounds.

Job Description

  • Part-time or full-time Senior Engineers
  • Technical designer for engineering projects
  • Manager in development projects
  • Communication with customers
  • Mentor for junior and medior engineers


  • Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • Mini proof of concept apps
  • Big Data


  • Professional level of a wide range of programming languages and frameworks
  • Experience with multiple and/or big development projects
  • Applied or academic educated in IT/AI/CS/ICT
  • Management and strategy

Looking forward to meet you!

Tim van Dalen LinkedIn CTO and co-owner
Jelle Oskam LinkedIn Co-owner

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