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Do you want to improve your programming skills together with other students and apply your new skills to tangible projects? Become a Junior Developer at Code Orange - one of Amsterdam's fastest growing software development studios!

"Our programmers are hard workers, but to them it's more like a hobby. They're just smart youngsters that want to build awesome stuff."

Code Orange is one of the few software studios of which the development team solely exists out of students. We stand for flexibility in our workflow and we therefore enable you to work any hour of the day, at the office (5 min. away from Amsterdam CS) or outside the office. In the beginning we offer you proper personal guidance and help you get through any startup problems. You will be working together with 15 other developers coming from different backgrounds. Learning from them, and soon you will be the one teaching it!


  • Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • Mini proof of concept apps
  • Big Data


  • You are interested (or experienced) in programming
  • The level of your programming skill is no requirement, we offer you a learning path to strengthen your skills
  • You will be free in choosing your programming languages or frameworks. However, we always encourage people to step out of their comfort zone.


Fill in the contact form below or call us at +31(0)20 893 2941.

Looking forward to meet you!

Tim van Dalen LinkedIn CTO and co-owner
Jelle Oskam LinkedIn Co-owner

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